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17 SEO Myths in 2016

With every search engine algorithm update comes a change to the way we think about SEO.

Over the past decade, SEO has undergone a radical evolution. While stuffing keywords into content and amassing as many inbound links as possible was once the go-to approach, modern-day SEO is much different.

In this guide, we separate SEO fact from SEO fiction and highlight 17 of the biggest myths that still seem to find their way into modern strategies.

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I went from an offline business in the software application space to my first online business helping local businesses gain a presence on the internet.

Fast forward to today and this has turned into a complete turnkey hosting business at and a Digital Marketing business at

In 2015, I started this blog to help share the knowledge of my online and offline experiences with others.

17 SEO Myths in 2016

Join over 12,000 subscribers and get my guide for FREE
and improve your SEO rankings today!